From the archives

The Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club (GKCDTC) was founded in 1953 to further the advancement of all dogs; to take an interest in the welfare, popularity and understanding of dogs and their owners in the community; and to conduct sanctioned obedience trials, tracking tests, agility trials and matches under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club.

We offer a variety of training classes to the general public—all taught by our member volunteers. All of our volunteers who teach have obedience titles equivalent to the level they are teaching. Our members are interested in all facets of dog sports.
Whether your interest is in therapy work, tracking, agility or competitive obedience or some of the lesser known dog sports (lure coursing, earth-dog trials, carting or water-dog competitions) or in just having a well-behaved pet, you will find someone at GKCDTC who shares your enthusiasm.

In addition to obedience training classes, we offer community education in the form of demonstrations, school programs and appearances at special functions. We have speakers available on a variety of topics from animal/human communication to dog/child safety. Our community education team can be reached at (816) 228-7214.

Membership in the GKCDTC is open to persons who are interested in the world of dogs. Please check out our membership page for more information. We hope you will join us and let us train you to train your dog.

The Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club is Licensed by the American Kennel Club.