Club Members

GKCDTC Constitution May 2021

Standing Rules and Regulations November 2019 Revision, Updated 04/07/22

The yearly membership fee is increased effective for the 2022-2023 membership year. Training Class prices are increased for Session 4 in 2022 that begins in June.

The instructions on who may earn yearly award plaques and bars and the necessary steps are in the Standing Rules on pages 5-10.  The Point Schedule for participating members has changed beginning January 1, 2020; see pages 10 and 11.  To be a participating member, earn the required number of points from the  Point Schedule and attend five (5) Club meetings.

Online Award Forms – 2021 

The end of year Award Forms and instructions that can be completed on your computer or mobile device are here!
We anticipate the Award Ceremony will be conducted in a similar manner as was last year’s event.  The deadline to submit your order is December 13, 2021.

EOrder Form 2021 Revised **

This is an Excel form. Please read the instructions on the first page carefully.
** The revision was to the Trophy Donation form.  All other pages remain the same.

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If you cannot use the EOrder form, here are alternate versions:

Instructions 2021 (PDF)
Participating Member 2021 (PDF)
Bars and Plaques Order Form 2021 (PDF)
High Scoring Award 2021 (PDF)
Russ Krohn Spirit Award Nomination Form 2021 (PDF)
Trophy Donation Form Revised (PDF) **

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Dates for 2022 from the Corresponding Date Table:

Agility Trial01/28-29-30/22week 42022114101-03
Tracking TDX Test02/27/22week 82022114104
Tracking TD Test03/06/22week 92022114105
Tracking VST Test03/20/22week112022114106
Obedience & Rally Trial03/25-26-27/22week 122022114107-14
Agility Trial04/22-23-24/22week 162022114115-17
Scent Work Trial
moving to Week 19 in 2023
04/29-30-05/01/22week 172022114118-21
Rally Trial09/24-25/22week 382022114122-24
Scent Work Trial09/30-10/01-02/22week 392022114125-28
Tracking VST Test10/09/22week 40 
Tracking TD/TDX Test11/06/22week 44 
Obedience Trial11/19-20/22week 462022114132-34


Here are the guidelines to follow if an instructor or student is found to test positive for COVID-19:

COVID Exposure notification