Club Members

GKCDTC Constitution May 2021

Standing Rules and Regulations Nov 2019 November 2019 Revision with updates

The yearly membership fee is increased effective for the 2022-2023 membership year. Training Class prices are increased for Session 4 in 2022 that begins in June.  New members who join during the year will pay a prorated fee. 

The instructions on who may earn yearly award plaques and bars and the necessary steps are in the Standing Rules on pages 5-10.  The Point Schedule for participating members has changed beginning January 1, 2020; see pages 10 and 11.  To be a participating member, earn the required number of points from the  Point Schedule and attend five (5) Club meetings.


Dates for 2023 from the Corresponding Date Table:

Agility Trial01/27-29week 42023114101-03
Tracking TD/TDX Test02/26/23week 82023114104, 05
Tracking VST Test03/19/23week112023114106
Obedience & Rally Trial03/24-26week 122023114107-12, 13
Agility Trial04/21-23week 162023114118-19, 26
Scent Work Trial
moved to Week 19 in 2023
05/12-14week 192023114114-17
Rally Trial09/23-24week 382023114127-29
Scent Work Trial09/29-30-10/01week 39
Tracking VST Test10/07week 40 
Tracking TD/TDX Test11/05week 44 
Obedience Trial11/18-19week 462023114136, 37


Here are the guidelines to follow if an instructor or student is found to test positive for COVID-19:

COVID Exposure notification