Club Members


Face masks or face shields are required for everyone in the building.


What we know:

  • The virus is very contagious

  • The virus spreads through the air

  • Many infected people show no symptoms and can spread the virus

  • An infected person wearing a mask or shield is less likely to infect others

  • Physical distance provides additional safety

The Board of Directors of GKCDTC thanks you for your cooperation in caring about the health and safety of everyone.


GKCDTC Constitution Dec 2010

Standing Rules and Regulations November 2019 Revision

The instructions on who may earn yearly award plaques and bars and the necessary steps are in the Standing Rules on pages 5-10.  The Point Schedule for participating members has changed beginning January 1, 2020; see pages 10 and 11.  To be a participating member, earn the required number of points from the  Point Schedule and attend five (5) Club meetings.



To donate a trophy for the March Obedience and Rally Trial, complete the Trophy Donation List 2020 form.  The form must be sent to the Awards Chair no later than December 31.