Brags From January and February

Deborah Webb reports that she and her Sheltie Hannah have been invited to the National Obedience Championship in June 2023.

Tweed finished his Utility Dog title at GKCDTC’s November trial. He is my 7th UD Border Terrier following in the pawprints of Abbey, Rugby, Tess,
Lizzie, Rou, and Callie.

CH Bendywood Highland Tweed Of Pickwick UD PCD BN RN JE RATN CGC TKI

Jane Worstell and Tweed

Rosi von Fintel writes that Bunty is a new breed Champion – CH Caradoc’s Tell Me A Story VCD1 UD BN RE TD TDU PT THDN CGC

“Bunty is continuing her story”     We are ready for our next adventure!

Dory Hall, Club President wrote a Thank You on February 1st to all who helped with the lower level renovation project:

We started renovation January 7th, 2023, by asking members to pitch in to move equipment and ‘stuff’ from various rooms. Thanks to the following members, the job was done in 1 hour and 15 minutes!!!

John & Krisana West, Rik & Diana Aulgur, Terri Rothwell, Christy Darter, Carol Wells, Wess Heavner, Neida Heusinkveld, Dave Parker, Joe Foster, Jayne Frye, Kim Krohn, Steve Tuttle.

Then Jerry Ewing got busy with occasional help from a couple members!!!! Walls, light fixtures, wiring, ceiling tiles and insulation came down!! The dumpster arrived on Thursday afternoon, Jan 17th, members came Friday, everything except the lumber was carted out in 2.5 hours!! Saturday, more members came to toss the 2×4’s (some were salvaged for other projects), broken/stained ceiling tiles were replaced with salvaged tiles, Sunday was general clean up, and walkway lighting was re-established!!! Monday afternoon the dumpster was picked up…Full to the rim!!

Also, thank you to the secret elves who moved those rolls of green mats a second time!! (It may have been Theresa Tuttle, Joe and Sarah Foster)

A huge thank you to the following members not afraid to get dirty!!!

Neida Heusinkvelt, Terri Rothwell, Sharon and Dave Parker, Wess Heavner, Joe and Sarah Foster, Steve Tuttle, Jayne Frye

Also a big ‘Thank You’ to Ross Ladis, our neighbor behind the building for recycling much of the lighting fixtures and wiring.