Show Prep Classes

Obedience and Rally Show Prep Classes

Sunday, July 11
Saturday, August 14
Sunday, September 12
Saturday, October 16
Sunday, November 14

Saturday, July 10
Sunday, August 15
Saturday, September 11
Sunday, October 17
Saturday, November 13

Pre-registration is required for all classes in both Obedience and Rally.

GKCDTC Show Prep Practice Team
9911 East 63rd Street
Raytown, MO 64133

The building is located at 9911 East 63rd Street in Raytown MO.  It is heated and air-conditioned. Chairs are available or bring your own. Limited crating space is available. Show Prep Classes are used to simulate a trial but in a more relaxed atmosphere. Treats, toys, additional commands, and/or praise are allowed. When time permits, handlers may repeat exercises, parts of exercises, or rally stations.

OBEDIENCE: Utility begins at 8:00 or 8:30, followed by Open, Novice, and Beginner Novice.
The cost to enter is $7.00 for non-members and $6.00 for members.

Entry Deadline:  Wednesday before Show Prep.  This applies to both email entry and paper form entry.

Email Entry:

  • Send an email to with
    • Dog’s name
    • Dog’s breed
    • Class – Utility, Open, etc.
    • Jump Height (when applicable)
  • Fill out the paper form and pay the fee on the day of Show Prep Class
  • Helpers – Please include that you want to help, in which class(es), and how you want to help

Paper Entry Form – Mail in time to arrive on or before the Wednesday prior to Show Prep.

Mail to:
GKCDTC Obedience Show Prep
9911 East 63rd Street
Raytown MO  64133

Pre-registration is required for all entries. Each dog may have a maximum of two (2) runs, either in the same class or in two (2) different classes.  For each run, one (1) exercise may be repeated.  All other exercises have only one (1) attempt and may not be repeated.  This keeps things moving in a timely fashion, in consideration and respect for the volunteers and other teams waiting their turn.
Note: Special arrangements may be made when preparing for both UKC and AKC trials.

For further information contact
Run order will be emailed to those entered who furnish an email address.

OBEDIENCE SHOW PREP CLASS 05-2021 – The COVID waiver is on page 2

COVID-19 Waiver

RALLY: Master class begins at 9:00, followed by Excellent, Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice. Pre-registration is required for all levels. Each entry gets two (2) runs with a maximum of four (4) runs per dog, any combination of levels. The cost to enter is $7.00 (2 runs) for non-members and $6.00 (2 runs) for members.

For further information contact 

RALLY SHOW PREP CLASS – The COVID waiver is on page 2

COVID-19 Waiver

If you are not able to access one of the show prep registration forms, please email