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Thank you to everyone who made the GKCDTC Spring 2022 Scent Work Trial a success!

AKC Virtual Scent Work Test

The AKC Scent Work Department will begin offering a new Virtual Scent Work Test (VSWT) starting August 2, 2021. This enhancement to the Scent Work Program is intended for beginners and will allow dogs and owners to have an introductory experience into detection work.

Three titles can be earned at each level in order – VSWB (Beginner), VSWI (Intermediate), VSWE (Experienced). Two passes are required at each level to earn a title. These tests are pass/fail and are conducted in a home environment in accordance with the VSWT Guidelines. Tests are video recorded then submitted to AKC for review by an AKC Scent Work judge.

For complete details, see Virtual Scent Work Test

Please note that for the Virtual SW Test, the dog is searching for a ball, toy, or treat rather than a cotton swab saturated with specific essential oils or the handler’s scent used for in-person SW Trials.  In the Advanced through Master level of the Odor Search Division, Handler Discrimination Division and Detective Class, the distractions used at an in-person trial may be a ball, toy, or food item.

AKC Scent Work Blog

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The latest Scent Work Regulations  are effective November 1, 2019.

Watch the new AKC Scent Work video and read about the sport of Scent Work.