Scent Work

Face coverings, especially face masks, are required for everyone in the GKCDTC building.  The latest info from the CDC states that face masks are more effective than face shields at containing and reducing the spread of respiratory particles in the air.  ASDS may have different requirements.


What we know:

  • The virus is very contagious

  • The virus spreads through the air

  • Many infected people show no symptoms and can spread the virus

  • An infected person wearing a mask or shield is less likely to infect others

  • Physical distance provides additional safety

The Board of Directors of GKCDTC thanks you for your cooperation in caring about the health and safety of everyone. 


GKCDTC Scent Work Trial, September 2020 

Thank you to all of our wonderful exhibitors for coming to our Scent Work Trials.   You were all troopers in the bad weather.  There were lots of ribbons and new titles.
We had fabulous Judges: Kathy Echols and Sharon Jonas.  Thank you for the great searches.  Hope you enjoyed watching our dogs run them.
Thank you to Sharon Parker and Mary Vick for helping with the Secretary duties and getting the results and ribbons out quickly.  This keeps everyone happy!!
Thank you to Kim Krohn and all the volunteers kept all the classes moving.  Thanks to everyone who just stepped in when needed.  We have the best exhibitors.
Thank you to Dory Hall for our hospitality in these COVID times.  A huge thank you to Jayne Frye for the incredible job of organizing all the equipment needed and set-up.  It is very labor intensive before and during the trial.  Deb Borgo was our Trial Chair who did so much work in the beginning with applications and trial site.  Deb did extra hard work with getting a last minute judge since Roger is ill.
We are planning to have trials in April 2021 and hope to see you there.


The latest Scent Work Regulations  are effective November 1, 2019.

Watch the new AKC Scent Work video and read about the sport of Scent Work.