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Scent Work Seminar


New date:  August 29-30    8:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day

Presented by Khara Schuetzner, MA, CPT-KSA, CNW1

Day 1 – Observation and movement – Working with your Partner

We have all heard about planting our feet or not planting our feet when working our dogs on scent.  In this session, we will work on proofing your team on crazy handler movement, while building a better commitment to source.  As a handler, you will learn how to properly read the little changes of behavior and the clues you send to your dog while working odor.  You will learn fun games to take back and share with others.

Day 2 – Trialing Tricks – Release the Pressure of Time, Hides, and Space

As you move up in scent work, do you feel like you are missing something?  Or do you feel like the time pressure is too much?  Have you ever searched an area and didn’t remember what was in the area?  We will work out the most common issues of trialing at the higher levels by recreating some of the challenging hides you have found at trials.  We will go over how as a team you can support each other.  We will discover why time doesn’t matter when you trust your dog.  Try challenging hides and fun mental games.  We will be training with and without the dog and various obstacles so you can encounter the different mental trialing tricks.

Odors used will be birch, anise, clove, and cypress.

About the Presenter

Khara Schuetzner has worked with animals for more than 20 years and has over 10,000 hours of dog training and animal care experience as a volunteer shelter worker, foster dog parent, and behavioral consultant.  She is a member of North American Police Working Dogs and National Association (NAPWDA).  She has been trialing in nose work since 2012 and she has over 450 hours as a volunteer at nose work trials since 2011.  Khara has trained with master trainers in NAPWA and other Military K9 handlers.  When she’s not training other people’s dogs, she enjoys working her forensic canine Labrador, Blitzkrieg.  Some of their special talents include K9 Nose Work, agility, herding, rally, and obedience.  Khara also likes hiking, fishing, and traveling with her dogs.

Online registration is available and strongly encouraged. 
Enroll early – the seminar is expected to fill.

Two-day working spots:  $230 for GKCDTC members; $260 for non-members.  Limit of 10 working teams.  All working team spots have been filled.  To be placed on a wait list for a working team, please email

Auditing spots are $50 per day.  Limit of 15 auditing spots each day.

Lunch is included in the enrollment fee.


The link can also be reached from the Training Class Calendar.  Go to the month of April and click SW Seminar on April 11/12.

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