VST March 19, 2023

March 19, 2023 dawned dry with a chilling wind, as entrants waited while volunteers laid tracks at the South Creek Business Park, Overland Park, KS. The VST, Variable Surface Tracking, is the highest level and one of the most difficult tracks for our K9s to decipher. Across asphalt/concrete, thru the landscaped greenery, around high buildings and water features for 600-800 yards, 4-8 turns, aged 3-5 hours. Unfortunately,  no one passed the tests, but we had great fun and breakfast goodies.

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2019 Tracking Dog – TD and Tracking Dog Excellent – TDX tests

GKCDTC held its 65th Tracking Dog Excellent test and 79th Tracking Dog test on Sunday, November 3, 2019, at Smithville Lake.  The tracking gods smiled on everyone and gave them lovely weather both Saturday for plotting and Sunday for the test.  There were three successful teams in the Tracking Dog test.  There were no passes in the Tracking Dog Excellent test, but their day is coming.  Many thanks are due to the judges for working hard to put in very nice tracks.  Thank you to all club members and friends of the club who stepped up to make these events happen and those stinky track layers who made it possible to have four TD and four TDX tracks available.  Tracking tests are a labor of love and thanks are due to the club and all the “friends of tracking” for allowing tracking participants to pursue their passion!

Our successful teams:

AKC approved five changes to the Tracking Regulations. at the February 8, 2019, Meeting of the Board of Directors.


Thank you to Carol Ruthenberg, AKC Executive Field Representative for Tracking, for presenting the Tracking Seminar on August 11, 2018.