AKC approved five changes to the Tracking Regulations. at the February 8, 2019, Meeting of the Board of Directors.

Check back for details on the Fall Tracking Test dates.
October 6 – VST & TDU
November 3 – TD/TDX

Tracking Dog Excellent Test

Congratulations to the three teams who passed to earn the TDX on February 24, 2019:  Neida H, Sandy M, and Stacey Z.


Tracking Dog Test

Congratulations to the two teams who passed to earn the TD on March 3, 2019, under very difficult weather conditions.


26th Variable Surface Tracking Test

Congratulations to the one team that passed to earn the VST on March 17, 2019.

Pictures from the Fall Combined TD/TDX Tracking Test

November 4, 2018, Smithville Lake Recreation Area


Thank you to Carol Ruthenberg, AKC Executive Field Representative for Tracking, for presenting the Tracking Seminar on August 11, 2018.