Tracking Dog – TD and Tracking Dog Excellent – TDX tests

November 3, 2019 (Sunday)
6 am to 3 pm

The Fall Tracking Test is open to dogs and handlers working towards the TD – Tracking Dog title and the TDX – Tracking Dog Excellent title.

Four tracks are available for the TD and four are available for the TDX.

These tests are held at the Smithville Lake Recreation Area in Smithville, MO and are open to spectators.  Please do not bring any dogs not entered in the tracking tests.

2019 Fall Combined TD-TDX Premium and Entry

AKC approved five changes to the Tracking Regulations. at the February 8, 2019, Meeting of the Board of Directors.


Thank you to Carol Ruthenberg, AKC Executive Field Representative for Tracking, for presenting the Tracking Seminar on August 11, 2018.